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Go from ‘meh’ job to dream business

with Amber in my Pocket

Amber in my Pocket helps small businesses to create their perfect website, branding and business materials, to get them off to the best start.

Look professional, look established and make sales right from the beginning, without spending £1000’s!

Website Wonderland

Create a website that makes you look like a professional, sound like an established business, doesn’t break the bank and makes you sales from the start 

Brand Yourself Workbook

Create a brand that attracts your dream customers with this easy to use, simple to follow, printable workbook

Business Resources

Organise yourself and your business with brilliant printable business resources including to do lists, agendas and planners

Branding Bundles

Get great branding with these bundles including a logo, font, colour scheme, pattern and guide on how to use these best for your business

Business materials

Browse templates for different business materials like business cards and leaflets, learn to make them your own and find out where to get them printed

Set up your website within 1 hour!

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Hi! I’m Amber and I help small businesses to create their own website and brand that looks great, looks professional, looks established and makes you sales.

I have been running my website design business for just over 3 years and I’ve spotted a recurring pattern. There are so many brilliant, passionate businesses popping up all over the show, but they don’t have the money to book a website or branding project, so they try to do it themselves using something like Wix or 1&1 builder, and, dare I say it, Paint! *gasp*

I believe that a good website, a good brand and helpful information/guidance can do wonders for your business and help you to grow quickly to where you want to be.

That’s why I created Amber in my Pocket. Budget shouldn’t hold you back from building your dream business.

You don’t need to go it alone and learn by trial and error. You don’t have to save up your hard-earned money for months to invest in a website you don’t know how to use or a brand you’re not in love with. You’ve got an Amber right here in your pocket to help you through!

A bit more about me:
Favourite food – Chocolate. How cliché!
Favourite Netflix show – American Horror Story.
What I’m reading – She Means Business by Carrie Green.
Favourite thing to wear – 50’s style dresses. (Or PJ’s!).
Favourite quote – “If you can dream it, you can do it” Walt Disney.

I’d love to connect with you. Send me a message! >